“MensVreters  performed in my London venue. The crowd stood there with their mouths wide open in total shock. I haven’t laughed so much since we hung grand mama from the Black Stump. FFS see this bunch of twisted, ass pube smoking; anal prolapse munching sickos live! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.”
Simon Drake, voted the most violent & gory illusionist of all time.

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Mensvreters are a 3-piece cannibal rap group from South Africa. Abandoned as infants Brolloks and Boggel grew up in the brutal bowels of Joburg. With its high murder rate and lack of food, they developed a taste for human flesh, not only as a food source but discovered the many ways to get high off and addicted to humans such as smoking ass pubes with gall stones and snorting dandruff. Zet once had his own majorly popular South African kids T.V show in the 80’s and 90’s. After it got cancelled, Zet ended up homeless on the streets, depressed and addicted to TIK. Brolloks and Boggel found him curled up and crying under a bridge, so they took him under their claws, toughened him up and showed him the good side in life IE. Human meat. With the 3 of them tik’d up on pubic hair and Jenkem, they started making the most gangster tunes ever created in human history and became known as MENSVRETERS.


Boggel is another word for clown – which sums up Boggel in a nutshell; a cannibalistic, sadomasochistic clown. After displaying an inkling of performance talent, Poef Papa sold Boggel to a travelling freak show circus, where he quickly picked up various clown skills, from playing instruments to hiding watermelons in his colon. It wasn’t all fun and games though, he was soon dragged into the pits of crack smoking clown despair and self mutilation, causing his depravity to spiral deeper into an abyss of insanity, luring people in with clown tricks and then brutally killing them to sustain his hunger. Before losing his mind completely, he broke away from the freak show to reunite with his brother. With Boggel’s newfound skills and Brolloks’ vile instrument building knowledge, eerie discordant tunes started drifting from the Mensvreters lair like a plague, forming the foundations for their musical endeavours to follow.


Besides eating people, smoking pubic hair and snorting dandruff, Brolloks is a master when it comes to crafting human remains. His dungeon is filled with strange objects made from human body parts; clothing from human skin, musical instruments and chairs made from human skeletons. Piles of rotting flesh can be found dotted around his lair. Being a loner, Poef Papa could never quite find a way to make much money out of him, other than a few pennies at the witch doctor muti market for some of his debauched creations. He was just left to roam the streets like an animal, the lone wolf of Joburg, preying on unsuspecting victims and marking his territory by spraying his name everywhere on everything at every oppertunity using sprays, blood and stinking human remains.



Zet was a loveable little furry creature who starred in an 80’s Afrikaans children’s T.V. show. He had his own strange language that only the T.V. presenter could understand. The show had a purpose to tell Christian bible stories. After the show was cancelled, Zet was fired and left homeless on the streets, alone, scared and hungry… When Brolloks and Boggel found the poor fuzzy fellow, they instantly took a liking to him and welcomed him into the Mensvreter family. Zet was horrified with all the killing and cannibalism, but with no other food to eat, he didn’t have a choice but to succumb to the Mensvreter cuisine. Zet found a magic keyboard, and after pumping out some gangster tunes, he took the role as Mensvreter’s D.J. Although Zet hates the killing and torturing, he loves his Mensvreter brothers and is always looking for a warm cuddle from anybody (except Poef Papa). Zet also made a short appearance in a famous Leon Schuster movie, you can watch it in the link below (skip to 45:30 to see Zet’s part.


Poef Papa is Mensvreters’s manager. He has a very tiny head and hides his horrific two face behind a friendly little mask. He is a master manipulator and exploits everyone in his path to get as much money as he possibly can. Still, no matter how much he gets, it’s never enough, leaving him permanently grumpy and on edge. His tottie is so small that it can barely be seen and even when he tries to pay for sex, its nearly impossible to make it work, making him even more frustrated. Poef Papa even created a line of male sex dolls in his image, just in the hope that somewhere out there, someone could be having sexual intercourse with his likeliness. Whether it be smuggling THIK (selected pubic hair), human trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, or exploiting musicians… you name it, he’s doing it, ripping everyone off.