MensVreters tour dates

Mensvreters are a 3 piece Horror rap band from South Africa, with members consisting of Brolloks, Boggel and DJ Zet. Their beats are heavy with metal influences but still maintain that 90s gangster rap element, Ranging from comical and fun to morbid and brutal. They successfully merge 2 opposite genres making it appealing to a very wide audience.

Their lyrics however sick and bizarre in its irony, stands to hold a mirror up to society and questioning humanity’s behaviors and moral compasses, with a strong voice against authority and corporations who work together to devour this planet like cannibals and keep the poor impoverished for the modern slavery agenda.

Mensvreters’s live shows have no holds barred. Complete with full special effects, blood rigs, light rigs, smoke machines, human spit roasts, and audience members getting dismembered. Mensvreters put great effort into making a visually pleasing and entertaining performance on all levels. Its like watching a live comedy horror movie underscored by heavy rap beats.