London Show 8 July 2022

Mensvreters are back form the depraved underbelly of Joburg!! Its been 2 years since their last London show and much has changed since then. More GANGSTER, more BRUTAL. More SEXY!!! Come join the blood and sp*nk bath with a whole set of new songs, skits and few old favourites like FOK DIE POLISIE!! You might even see the sexy, Madam Esmeralda on stage again giving EVERYONE a good spanking!!

Feast your ear drums on the Heavy Metal, Street Doom Power Trio From London, Proud to present to you Tunes that bare witness to inter-dimensional warfare and all things Heavy Metal!!! Let your face melt and your pants get soggy!!

After a 10 year holiday he is finally back! Some would say he is the UK Slim Shady that somehow slipped under the radar. Criminally talented and criminally undiscovered. Do not miss this manz!!

Joining O’Connor we have Davvo, With over ten years of rapping and production to the highest quality his quick fire witty delivery is not to be missed, one of the UKs most promising artists

£5 advance, £7 door
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