Mensvreters Have finally crawled out from the darkness, ready to feast upon humanity. With the launch of their website comes their debut album, “Gevaarlikste Bende” – now available for purchase through, Itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp .The music video is soon to be released, due to apple corrupting all the files, there has been a slight delay in its release.

Mensvreters T-shirts have been released for purchase; Heavy cotton, High quality screen print by Rage wear, designed by artist, Scabbage. Congratulations to Ziggy you are the winner of the MENSVRETERS competition! Your prize will be on its way to you shortly! Since Facebook removed her image for obscenity, the prize is awarded to her for the efforts she made to create that image . Thank you to everybody who entered for your participation and support. Keep supporting independent artists and keep good music alive!

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